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You Are Beautiful (self love)

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I get it. We all have doubts about ourselves. I can be hard on myself sometimes even though I see myself as an overall confident person. There was a time when I fully lost that confidence and it took a while to get it back. For most people...i think, especially for most women, there can be a lack of self-esteem there.

There have been so many beautiful friends I have given compliments to over the years. Usually I get met with a “thanks but”. Or sometimes they might not even be able to take a compliment! I think some of my close friends now are so beautiful and all very different- and ye, they all are hard on themselves! How is that possible? Why do women feel like they aren’t beautiful or good enough?

I feel like it can come from multiple angles. It could be from society, friends and/or family. Everyone has certain expectations that can really weigh on us. But the thing is, you are beautiful. And unfortunately, a thousand people could say that to you but it might not make a difference. This feeling of confidence and happiness with yourself and your body comes within you. Here a few tips that I have found to be helpful in building my own self-confidence. I hope they may also help to show you what every one else sees-which is beautiful, fantastic you!

Exchange those negative thoughts with positive ones!

Whenever a thought comes up and you are hard on yourself, mentally slap it away and replace it with some positive things.

Ex: “Ughhh! Why am I not thin like these other women?!”.

Replace with “I will get to my weight goal soon, I’m doing the best I can!!!”

Practice positive Journaling

Each time when you wake up or before bed write down 5 things you like about yourself.

If you have trouble motivating yourself to write, make it a habit to say it in your head or out loud. This will help change those negative thoughts to a more positive ones!

Physical affirmation

There were times when I was so hard on myself for overthinking and thinking bad thoughts about myself. But I just needed to switch my thinking around! In those times I would actually take my hand, rub and pat my other arm as a way to comfort myself. You can also give yourself a positive thought while doing this.

Hold off on the comparisons

I myself am guilty of this but nothing is going to hurt you worse than comparing yourself to another person. Make sure you tell yourself that we are all different and there is no use in comparing!

Surround yourself with people that support you

This, I feel like, is essential. Having people around you that are positive and build you up are so important. Having people in our lives that bring in negative thoughts does not allow us to grow and love ourselves as well.

Learn to be patient and let go of the past

Maybe you are hard on yourself because of the past or maybe because you are looking for instant gratification. Learning these two things are so important and mostly go hand in hand. Be patient with yourself! Things will not come easily and fast like all our technology these days. Things take time and it is frustrating...but growing takes time.

Letting go is rough, especially when you might be dealing with anxiety and/or overthinking. Ask yourself, what does it do for me by holding on to this? Is this worth keeping these thoughts in my mind? If something is hard to let go, try to find something else to focus on.

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