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What Tourists NEED To Know Before Going To Cuba

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

1) Bring a good amount of tissues and hand sanitizer wipes! Because guess what? Many places do not have what you need in bathrooms. Its either that or air dry, baby! (wish we were told that before going over…I’m a germaphobe)

2) Bring “deet” bug spray. The “Off” brand won’t work as well, it only lasts about 4 hours so you have to keep applying. Try Sawyer insect repellent, which lasts 11 hours! During the “winter season” there aren’t as many mosquitos, but why take the chance? You can get some diseases from the mosquitos there so its best just to protect yourself.

3) Don’t drink the water or have even ice… or use the faucet to rinse your mouth. Just don’t. If you are with a well-established tour group or program, then they will recommend places that use filtered water for their ice. They will still give you bottled water, but when people order alcoholic drinks or smoothies, those restaurants will use filtered water for ice.

4) Stay away from most street vendors, even for water. I have been told that some poor street vendors will find bottles on the ground and reseal them to sell. Just do not take the chance. Our western stomachs aren’t made for their water. Plus, most street vendors aren’t the most sanitary when it comes to preparing any type of food. Our tour guides even nudged us away from ice cream cones.

5) Get recommendations for restaurants from trusted people. Don’t trust your own judgment if you haven’t been there before because you are probably wrong. My group and I stopped at a place along the way and well… their burgers weren’t cooked. We spit those babies right out.

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