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Top Things to do When Visiting San Diego

Jet skiing

I definitely wanted to do something fun while on vacation and jet skiing on the bay was top on my list! I wanted to make sure I found only the top-rated place and that’s when I found; San Diego Bay Adventures. I chose them over other companies because they give you a full hour and 15 minutes for the same price as the other places that only give you 45 minutes! Plus, they went ABOVE AND BEYOND after our ride. It was a bit chilly and cloudy that day so the employees gave us brownies and hot chocolate… um like hell yassss. Wouldn’t choose anywhere else!


If you are looking for snorkeling, La Jolla beach is the perfect place to do so. Not only because it is more clear than the other oceans, but there are seals literally everywhere… AND THEY SWIM WITH YOU!! Be warned though, this was my first time snorkeling and because we actually had to swim against waves for an hour I was EXHUASTED. I am pretty sure I slept 12-15 hours that night. Whole heartedly loved going with Zach’s Scuba Shack as a company to guide us in the waters. The tour guide was so weird and funny, it was perfect!

Go to the Zoo

Going to the San Diego zoo was actually one of my favorites things to do! Especially as a solo activity! The zoo is GIGANTIC so you want to make sure you plan a good 4-5 hours for it. The zoo is only $62 which is actually very fair for how much time you spend there. Funny story though, a photographer approached me and gave me a ticket for free! I literally thought it was a scam but instead I got a very pleasant surprise! The best part was really all the amazing animals, some I’ve never even seen before! All the birds were the prettiest to photograph but I loved watching the meerkats and baboons just being themselves. The closest experience I had in the zoo was with a peacock just walking on the sidewalk with everyone. I’m not sure if it’s because I got too close or because of the bright colors I wore, but the peacock opened its feathers to show off. Seriously the coolest thing everrrrr!

See the Seals in La Jolla

Another amazing animal experience is going to La Jolla beach and seeing the seals. They are literally everywhere and you can actually get very up-close and personal with them; well not toooo personal. I loved taking photos of those blubbery land dogs; they are so funny and each have their own personalities. I would just suggest to keep some distance and don’t touch them, they are wild animals after all. And they will bark at you; it’s hilarious.

Chill at Coronado Island and Beach

Coronado is a beautiful beach that is right across from San Diego. The great thing about this island is that it’s so pristine and there are no homeless in area. There is a suburban feel to it which makes it very safe to walk around especially if you are solo. Grab some food from Coronado’s many amazing restaurants then head to the beach to get that tan.. or sunburn if you are like me and didn’t put sunscreen on for a half an hour. Apparently getting older means burning faster…

PS: You can get day passes to the Hoetl Del Coronado! Get tickets HERE

Watch the Sunset at Pacific Beach

A friend and I grabbed some delicious fish tacos from Oscars Mexican Seafood and walked down to eat them with some beach views. After walking around a bit, we picked a cute little spot to watch the sun set. Perfect weather however whenever the sun goes down it does get a bit chilly especially near the ocean.

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