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The Tourist Guide to Pittsburgh

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

(what every tourist needs to see)

PNC park/heinz field/ppg paints area

Pittsburgh is a HUGE sports city. So if you are too or even think going to a game would be fun, I would highly suggest it. We have the Pirates (baseball), the Penguins (hockey), who have won multiple Stanley Cups, and the Steelers (football), who have won 6 Super Bowls. Id say all in all, it’s a highly ranked sports city. All the arenas are great to see, but my favorite is PNC park where the Pirates play. Most of the tickets that are higher up in the stadium are usually around $15-20, which I usually buy. Why? Because of the view. PNC park overlooks the city which is gorgeous to look at day or night. Even if you don’t like watching baseball, you will sure have a fantastic time with a beer and a hotdog in your hand.

Warhol museum- Art/history museum

There are two major art museums in the area, the Andy Warhol Museum and the Art and History Museum; both amazing to visit. If you do not know already, Andy Warhol is a famous artist known for his pop art paintings (Campbells soup and Marylin Monroe). The museum houses a number of his paintings and unique interactive exhibits based on him and his life. The art and history museum houses art from as early as the 1600’s all the way to today’s modern art. The museum is not only for the art lovers but also for the history lovers as well; from dinosaur bones to giant animal displays.

The Point

The Point or Point Park is a park in the city leading to a very large fountain by the river. During the winter its closed and usually the home of a giant Christmas tree for the holiday, but in the summer its so beautiful to visit. They have many art festivals and events down at the point, and after a day of fun you can watch the sun set by the fountain.

Mount Washington

Mount Washington is my FAVORITE place in Pittsburgh. I used to live on top of Mt Washington for a while because I loved it so much. There is a small town on top with a few shops and some very delicious diners. My favorite thing to do (during the summer) is grab ice cream from DiFiore’s Ice Cream Delite and walk to Grandview Avenue to enjoy the incredible view of my favorite city. What I recommend for most tourists is to ride the incline up the mountain (an old-fashioned cart that used to take workers up and down the mountain) to get the full effect of a Pittsburgher.

Market Square

Market square is a small square in the middle of the city surrounded by adorable restaurants. In the summer, they have events such as dancing in the square, free yoga, and concerts. In the winter, they have a winter market and ice skating.

Strip District

Another Pittsburgh neighborhood that entertains both tourists and natives. The strip District is as it says in the name a “strip” of restaurants and shops, some of which have been there for decades. If you decide to go, the best times would be on the weekends before 2:30 pm. It gets crowded but that’s the whole part of the experience. If you go, definitely visit these places; The original Pramanti Brothers (the staple sandwich of Pittsburgh), Delucas, Gaucho Parilla Argentina, Peace Love and Little Donuts, and Lotus Food Company.

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