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The Most Instgrammable Spots in San Diego

Morning Glory

Gotta start this off right with THE most instragrammable spot in San Diego. Everywhere you look in this restaurant is a picture-esk spot. It’s so trendy that breakfast/brunch weekend waits are about 2 hours. The downside is that you also have to show up within 10 minutes of your table being ready (you get a text) BUTTTT it’s so worth the trouble. This place is the perfect mix of art deco and modern bougie.

550 W Date St, San Diego, CA 92101

Holy Matcha

Man, I wish I had one of these shops near me because their Lavender matcha is the best I’ve ever had!!! Plus, it’s the cutest and most pink shop! I went there almost every day to get my matcha fix.

Downtown location: 201 Park Blvd #105, San Diego, CA 92101

North Park Location: 3118 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

Café Madeleine

Get the perfect little taste of Paris in San Diego. Not only is the décor very cute, but the food is delicious. I bought a mouthwatering quiche with a side of fruit. Then I ordered a nice hot chocolate with a croissant. It’s a perfect place to eat lunch on your own and pretend you are in France.

South Park Location: 2248 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

North Park Location: 2850 El Cajon Blvd suite b, San Diego, CA 92104

Verbatim Books

THE COOLEST BOOK STORE EVER. This is honestly my kind of bookstore because its quirky and cozy. It reminds me of an “I SPY” book because there are so many random and cool things hidden all around the shop. Who wouldn’t want to jump inside a real life I SPY book!!!

3793 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

Coin-op Game Room

Cue the super mario bros theme song! BOING, BOING, BOING. This bar is the perfect mix of booze and fun for adults! You can turn back time and play all your favorite games or get on some new ones to see if you can keep up with the kids. My cousin and I got pizza and played a bunch of games like we were kids again! I have to say Ms. Pacman is sooo addictive!! PS: they have a change machine so make sure you bring some dolla dolla bills.

789 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

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