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Places That Are Safe For Tourists To Eat

Anyone who is not used to the food and water of Cuba should be advised to be careful. Even taking a sip/bite of something can make you feel sick, so it is best to be cautious. I have a list for you below, but if you are going to different places you can download the app; A la Mesa. It shows all the restaurants that are safe for tourists to eat at.


Paladar Opera

204 Calle 5, La Habana, Cuba

This a perfect outdoor dinner with a group

Camino De Sol

Calle 3, La Habana, Cuba

Cute little place for a small yet fulfilling lunch

Lo De Monik

Chacon y, Compostela, La Habana, Cuba

Amazing food and people to make your stay incredible! Ps: get the lemonade!


6. Vedado., 10400, Calle 5, La Habana, Cuba

Great lunch spot! Their burgers are amazing

ElRestaurante – Mirador, Balcon De Valle

H7WH+P9 Vinales, Cuba

Vinales, Cuba

The best lunch with a view. Nothing like an open air table, a bunch of wild chickens, and a view of lifetime!

Website: (balcondelvallevinales.blogspot.ca)

Cuba Drink Side Note*

Just don’t have a Pina Colada during your trip. Just don’t

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