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Pittsburgh Quirky Culture

For those who know me, I LOVE culture. And I don’t just mean culture in other countries. I love culture is different states or even cities. It’s so crazy that two cities in the same state could be TOTALLY different. For example, Pittsburgh and Philly have two different accents; they pronounce a lot of words extremely differently. However it’s not only the accents that can be bizarre; like.. Pittsburgh has a lot of crazy quirks.


For some reason Pittsburghers take their parking seriously, especially when their only parking space for their home is street parking. It is not like they can reserve a parking spot like they could in a parking lot or have their own space like a garage. Soooo to save their place, they leave a chair or two on the street so that other people know that space is taken. Could someone move the chair? Sure. But it’s a total jag-off move and I wouldn’t want to know what would happen to my car if I parked in their space…


So this is common in all homes that date pre- world war II. The Pittsburgh toilet is basically an ordinary flush toilet that sits in the basement with no surrounding walls, aka: my nightmare. Most of the times the toilet will have a crude shower (basically a shower head and maybe a shower curtain), and a large washing basin. The basement also has a door to get in and out easily. This area was mostly used by miners and steelworkers (which Pittsburgh was known for), where they could easily come in and clean off all their dirt before heading upstairs to the main part of the house. But it’s just weird now..


So Pittsburghers have shirts that say “we put ketchup on ketchup”. Why? Because we love ketchup!!! For those who don’t know, H.J Heinz create ketchup and he was from Pittsburgh. We have the old Heinz factory here and several buildings are names after Heinz himself. So of course, we are super proud. We have a festival every year called Picklesburgh based on the pickles that were manufactured by Heinz. Its definitely a Heinz obsession. But we mainly put ketchup on everything; chicken, steak, sandwiches, fries, etc etc.


Pramanti brothers is a staple in Pittsburgh. Pramantis sandwiches all have Italian bread, meat, tomatoes, cheese, coleslaw, and fries on them. Now it isn’t the coleslaw you are thinking of, its basically a cabbage mix. The end result of the whole combination is heaven!!! The idea was created back in the steel mill times so workers could have a full meal (including a side of fries) while working on the job.


Pittsburgh. English

Worsh Wash

Gumband Rubber band

Pop Soda

Red up your room Clean your room up

Yinz You all

Kennywood is open Your fly is open

*Kennywood is a theme park only found in the Pittsburgh area. No one has a clear idea how the phrase “Kennywood is open” originated but we all know it’s a more secretive way to say something so embarrassing!

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