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Paris And What To See

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

These are the top places to visit especially if it is your first time. Paris is said to be a magical place, the city of love. The people who say that are very right. Paris is so beautiful! I was actually not sure about going there at first and visiting a place more obscure, but I am very glad I went!


Everyone who has ever talked about the Eiffel Tower has talked about how big it is, but you won't truly understand until you get there. When you get underneath the tower you realize how small you really are. My thoughts “wow, I’m standing underneath the Eiffel tower… in Paris.. and its gigantic… gigantic and gorgeous.” Its just crazy how you know about this one thing most of your life and then you finally arrive, and its magical.


“Our lady of Paris”. This church building is hundreds of years old but beautifully reflects the french gothic architecture. You are allowed to walk inside, but make sure you don’t bring any baggage with you, its not allowed inside.


Im sure rumors have gone around that the “monalisa” is overrated or “smaller than I thought”, but this building is legendary! It is the world’s largest museum and historical monument, housing about 38,000 objects. I mean that is incroyable (incredible in french)!


The Arc sits in the center of the Place Charles De Gaulle. It was built between 1806 and 1836 in honor of those who fought for France. On the inside, top of the monument are all the names of generals and wars that were fought. You can explore inside and outside of this beautiful masterpiece.

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