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My Top Favorite Food Spots in San Diego

Ok so San Diego has SO MANY food spots and I tried to hit as many as possible ALTHOUGH I did have some favorites that I double dipped in to. Too good, I couldn’t help it.

Spill the Beans Coffee and Bagels

This was my first meal in San Diego and couldn’t help but buy it like 20 more times haha. I did try their amazing chia seed protein bowl but my favorite thing on the menu was their “Mclovin” breakfast sandwich on a cheddar and bacon bagel. The best part of this amazing egg and sausage sandwich is the MAPLE BUTTER!! I’m not usually a fan of sweet and salty, but this one works for me. My mouth is literally watering as I write this.

555 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101

(photo from their insta account)

Harumama Noodles

Ok I didn’t try their noodles but that is because I was way too distracted by their freakin adorable character buns!!! I tried the chicken (chicken and mozzarella) and the Polar Bear (egg custard). Though both were too cute and seriously amazing, I was incredibly addicted to the egg custard steamed bun. I had to get it again!!

1901 Columbia St, San Diego, CA 92101


Now this is what I call a ramen spot! I was not even a little bit disappointed with this place. The boas. Delicious. The ramen. Delicious. The drinks. Delicious AND creative!!! Not only was their food delicious, but the ambiance was top notch. I think it’s the perfect Friday night spot with a date or friends!

(photo from their instagram)

Davanti Enoteca

Another little breakfast spot in little Italy. Sunday brunch in little Italy is hot hot hot! You will have a bit of a wait for Sunday brunch because most of these San Diego restaurants do not use reservations. With Davanti, we actually got in right away with a lovely seat at the bar. I ordered the eggs Benedicts, but what really stole my heart was their ricotta pancakes. I could eat like 4 plates of those them, I really mean it.

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