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My Misconceptions of Cuba

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

From history classes in America, we learn that the words “communism” and “socialism” are bad. I mean we started wars over the word so it had to be bad, right? My view has changed since visiting Cuba, which is considered being a communist country. I had some expectations before going over there:

Castro and Che were bad people

Cuba might not like Americans

Cuba is a poor country therefore has crime and can be dangerous for me

Scratch all of that. From my understanding, Castro and Che created a revolution to separate from America because they were being too influenced by them. Cuba wanted to be a nation on their own, and not have the U.S’s support and therefore have control. I mean let's be honest, as an American, America has tried to put their paws on a lot of places around world.; some positive situations and other not so positive. Yes, by cutting off most ties with the U.S this made it more difficult for Cuba to attain materials needed. So yes, Cuba is like traveling back to the 50’s but because they don’t have the means to make many new items.

It seems like the country is split on views (which most countries are anyway). Some people appreciate what the leaders of the revolution did and some do not. Most people however feel like it’s time for the government to loosen their grip on the country (which as an American, I agree with). This is happening slowly but surely! Laws have started to change and therefore there have been more private businesses, however there are still many limitations, which Cubans are frustrated about.

I thought that because Cuba is communist, that they would frown upon Americans. But the country is exploding with tourism, which does include American tourists. The Cubans are one of the friendliest groups of people I have ever met. They interact with you, they don’t judge you, they want to be your friend.

Another misconception was that because Cuba is communist and didn’t have the materials the U.S has, they are therefore poor. That is true, they are an impoverished country, but when you think of the word “poor” you automatically can connect it with “crime”. I felt safer there than I did in Paris. Paris has a large amount of pick-pocketers. Although you should always be careful, I did not feel that the Cuban people would steel my things or attack me.

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