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My Favorite Spots In Taiwan

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

85 degrees celcius

I love baked goods! I always love going to bakeries around the world to see the difference of flavors. Asia always has such unique flavors (especially japan), but Taiwan had everything I wanted in a bakery. 85 degrees Celsius is THE best bakery I found in Taiwan. My group and I would walk down in the morning from our cute hostel and grab a pastry and some amazing bubble tea to start the day!

Din tai fung

Speaking of amazing food.. Din Tai Fung has the world’s best dumplings! They were so popular, that they now have locations around the world. What makes them so great is that they hand make their noodles, which you can watch behind a glass. Unlike Italian noodles, Taiwanese dumplings are thick dough which is pounded against a table. It’s super interesting to watch! The pork soup dumplings are my favorite type of dumpling at Din Tai Fung. The trick though is to poke a small hole with your chopstick at the top of the dumpling to cool the inside. Don’t want to burn your entire tongue and cry? Take my advice. After it cools to a perfect temperature take the dumpling from the top, dip it in soy sauce, and enjoy!

Chung tai chan Monestary

Want to find your spiritual side or are you looking to learn more about other religions? This monastery is so gorgeous and you really learn a lot from the tours they give. Its hidden away in the mountains of Taichung Taiwan and has the most amazing view from the top! In the monastery, each level is painted a different color to represent certain meanings; white=peace. The monks that meditate at the monastery give tours, which makes you feel so enlightened!

New Taipei city yingge ceramic museum

I love art! I myself am a ceramicist, and if you know anything about ceramics, you know that Asia is where the masters of ceramics live! This ceramic museum is a ceramicist’s dream and a nice place for art lovers to enjoy unique Taiwanese pieces.

Jianguo jade market

Taiwan is known for producing jade, so there is bound to be shops and markets selling jade jewelry. I went to this specific jade market in Taipei a few times because it had more than just jade; all kinds of jewelry, knick-knacks, and beautiful Taiwanese fans. Small markets like these are where you really find souvenir gold!

Tapei 101

This is the tallest building in Taiwan! When I visited Taiwan, the building had the fastest elevator in the world, taking passengers from the 5th floor to the 89th floor in 37 seconds!!! Ahhh, so fast, but the Shanghai tower beat them in 2016. Taipei 101 towers over the city showing the most incredible view from the top floor. While enjoying the view at the top, you can sit back with a beer float, which is popular to have at Taipei 101. For those who may not know, a beer float is beer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. Interesting flavors, but always worth a try! The building has shops both on the top floor (coral, jade, and pearl jewelry) and on the bottom of the building; so shop away!

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