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How I Have Been Experiencing Quarantine

So compared to most Americans, I have actually been semi-quarantined since January. I mean kind of. I have been job searching since January and well, it is not like I traveled, spent time with friends, or really anything fun; there were some times I went to a coffee shop though... So I have been like this for a while and I am definitely over it! However, it isn’t the end of the world for me. I have been keeping myself super busy! I have been getting certifications, taking classes, creating this website, creating Instagram content, and helping non-profits with their social media efforts.

I think it’s better to keep busy for your mind, however some people are doing it differently. Whereas I am working my mind, my body has been left behind. I am not motivated to do home work-outs and it is still too cold and rainy for outside walks most days. I have just told myself that I’m ok for now with my weight and when this is over, I can go full course.

The only problem during this quarantine with no job, has been separating the weekdays from the weekend. Before all this I would job search all week and then go out or do something special on the weekends. Obviously, that is a lot harder now. And because of this, for the past few Saturdays I’ve… shut down. Something would stress me out and my mind would just give up and I’d lay on the couch all day. There are some days and times where this is ok to chill, but of course it’s not healthy to do this for too long.

Here are some things I have learned these past few months that might help you through quarantine:

Make a schedule/list

I personally like to make a calendar through excel (you can find multiple free templates online). I like to color-code my activities and schedule things 1-2 days in advance. Although lately I feel like that has put too much pressure on me, especially if I don’t get something done. So now I just make a list for the day and when I finish something, I just scratch it off with my pen. It is a satisfying feeling.

Keep busy!

You have more time on your hands, especially being stuck at home. Is there anything that you have been longing to do? Learn a language? Read a book? Create crafts? Make a small list of things that you want to do during this time!

Feeling lazy or shutting down?

I think it’s fine to take a half day or a day to take a mental health break. But try to push yourself to do something so you don’t stay in this funk. Tell yourself “ok I’m going to lay on the couch until 3pm and then I am going to learn a new recipe”. You can set a physical alarm if that helps motivate you to get moving!

Having trouble getting up early?

I always have a hard time getting up especially if I don’t need to be anywhere

Do something that will help you get up in the morning. Maybe you have some meetings? If not, maybe you can take phone calls with friends or family members early in the morning.

Try an alarm clock from across the room.

If you are like me, that might not work. I downloaded the app “alarmy” which makes you do math or memory problems before it turns off. This seems to actually wake my brain up

Need to make it feel like a weekend?

Do something different!!

Go out and buy some local food

Make it fancy and dress up!

Maybe visit some of the museums virtually

Host a zoom party and play charades with some friends

Create themed lunches or dinners

· Even the smallest change from the weekday makes the biggest difference

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