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Hidden Outdoor Gems of Pittsburgh

Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve

Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve is a 134-acre protected land for flora, fauna, and wildlife. It’s not only a peaceful place for the animals but you too! You can park your car and walk around the lake and the handmade trails, which are both in and out of the forest. They even have a little welcome center and gift shop you can go to after your journey. The real treat is enjoying the sights and sounds of nature; so many birds and bees to watch. My favorite time to go was the start of sundown, so peaceful to sit and watch the sun set.

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

This garden spreads across 452 acres, which makes it among the top 10 largest botanical gardens in America. You could definitely spend the whole day here; it’s so large and there are so many trails to explore. There are also many gazebos and benches throughout the gardens to sit and enjoy the sights of nature. The flowers are gorgeous, but my favorite part of the gardens is the Japanese bridge and pond. It was just so fun to explore! Check in to the welcome center and after exploring the place you can get a souvenir at the gift shop.

Hartwood Acres

Travel back in time when visiting Hartwood acres! It’s a 629-acre park which houses a Tudor mansion, an English style garden, a cottage, a stable complex, and a gate lodge; all completed in 1929. The county then purchased the land in 1969 for the use of a park. There are now tours in the mansion and even high tea! You’ll feel like a real English gal/gent. The cottage now houses the groundskeepers to take care of the land. The architecture and rich history really send you back to the 1920’s.

Ps: there is a pet cemetery near the garden. The owner of the mansion really loved their dogs..

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