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Dealing With Anxiety

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Some people have dealt with anxiety their whole lives. I am not that person. I have always had problems with small amounts of depression, but anxiety was never really an issue. I believe everyone’s anxiety is different. When I have “episodes”, I overthink the thing that gave me anxiety in first place. Like...literally can’t stop thinking about it. I create stories in my head or overthink the thing that has happened, literally just a downward spiral. It’s like when you get nervous before a presentation or speech… but like 10 times worse. All of this gets very overwhelming and then my body starts to shut down and I feel fatigued.

Over time, I've found some strategies that have helped when I feel this way. They slow down the anxiety so that I don't go into that downward spiral. Sometimes it's good to sit with your feelings but its best to maybe wait until the anxiety dissipates. For me, TV is a tool I use way to distract myself and escape my anxiety. For me, this distraction is important. But this might not work for everyone. Other things that I like and have worked for me:

Using the Calm App

Listening to rain or bedtime stories does help calm the anxiety!

Adult Coloring books and/or puzzles

Drawing in the lines and putting the pieces together makes you feel in control!

Take a bath and do some deep breathing

Taking a hot bath when any anxiety comes up can help to relax and reorganize your thoughts. Add some spa music or just relax in silence and focus your breathing to clear your mind.

Talk to a friend or family member

Venting is better than keeping it inside of you! Find someone who understands your issues.

Write it down

Journaling helps you release those thoughts in a similar way to telling friends. Things I’ve written down “you are not in control and that’s ok".

Try them all

You might find that some of these strategies are not for you. Or may a couple of them are really successful when used together. Try them all and see which ones work best for you!

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