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A Five Day Guide to Los Angeles

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Cerveteca (in culver city)

This was the first place I ate in Cali, and boy I’m so glad. They are known for their amazing breakfast burritos. Shockingly enough this was my first time really having a breakfast burrito, which I'm so glad it was because it was an introduction to the burrito heavens. It comes with some a little spicy sauce to dip it in. I also got a coconut, which they cut there. It was the perfect match.

FIG at 7th

This is a round shaped shopping area. Lots of main shops and local restaurants/eatery’s. At the top of the area is a place to sit down and eat. At the time of my visit it also had giant signs (ex: XOXO, LOVE) to take photos with.

Staples Center

I only walked around the area of the Staples center downtown, but I would recommend buying some tickets and watching a game with friends. They are only $15 and are easy to get last minute! The stadium is new and has an awesome balcony where you can drink during half time.

Venice Beach and boardwalk

I stayed at a shared Airbnb right on the beach. It was amazing how close I was to everything! There are so many shops and of course boardwalk artists. Though there is sunshine at Venice, I also feel a darkness because of how many homeless there are. But don’t let that stop you from visiting. Go watch the skateboarders perform tricks or take a stroll down the boardwalk and soak in the sun.

Figtree café & Eggslut (best breakfast places)

These two were fantastic breakfast places in Venice. I went to Figtree multiple times (would have gone everyday if I could have) not only because their food is to die for but also because from 8-9am it is half off. You get a huge amount of food for a small amount of money, not too shabby. Omelet, fruit bowl, toast, potatoes, and chai tea… oh yes.

Eggslut, is not only attractive because of its intriguing name, but because of its breakfast sandwiches. When we went, there was a line outside. I have also seen it mentioned in a major food vlog. I would say it’s a perfect comfort and hangover food. It did not take too long to eat… :)

Hangout at Santa Monica beach/Santa Monica Pier

I know I haven’t been to many beaches in California, but Santa Monica was my favorite.It’s beautiful, overlooks gorgeous mountains, and is the home to the Santa Monica Pier. The Pier gets really crowded, because there is always something interesting going on there. Lots of restaurants, street performers, and amusement rides.The real entertainment, however, is the sunset from the pier.

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